Update 1/14/19

Update 1/14/19 150 150 bqmiadmin

Last weekend was our annual holiday party, this year we hosted it at Main Event in Avon, Ohio. We had an incredible time seeing everyone and being able to pay tribute to two members of our BQMI family. We are thankful for any opportunity to spend quality time with this remarkable group of people.

Update 1/8/2019

Update 1/8/2019 150 150 bqmiadmin

As we begin a new year, we feel it is important to reflect on our progress as a company and continually set new goals. Today, we held a Leadership Workshop for our management team and had great discussions. We are proud of our BQMI family and excited for what’s to come. Thank you to all who attended!

Update 12/14/2018

Update 12/14/2018 150 150 bqmiadmin

Happy Holidays from all of us at Banner Quality Management, Inc. May Peace, Happiness and Prosperity be yours during this Holiday Season and throughout the New Year.

BQMI Holiday Message 2018

Update 10/2/2018

Update 10/2/2018 150 150 bqmiadmin

The first week of October 2018 BQMI’s Joe Homan had the honor of being one of the keynote speakers at “Adobe’s ColdFusion Summit 2018” in LasVegas.  Joe Homan is BQMI’s Project Manager on the PACE IV contract at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) John Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio. He is also the project lead and programmer/analyst for the NASA Environmental Tracking System (NETS).  We are proud of Joe and how well he represents Banner Quality Management, Inc. 

Joe Homan delivers a keynote presentation at the Adobe Cold Fusion Summit 2018 in Las Vegas.
Joe Homan delivers a keynote presentation at the Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2018 in Las Vegas. Photo credit: Ron Coulter

Update July 13, 2018

Update July 13, 2018 150 150 bqmiadmin
BQMI employees Ron Harvey, John Brinkman, Mike Harper played golf in the Lewis Little Folks charity event on July 13, 2018

Mike Harper, Ron Harvey and John Brinkman

BQMI sponsored and employees participate in Lewis Lttle Folk School Fundraiser.

Joe Homan, Ron Harvey and John Brinkman

Members of the BQMI Team (Joe Homan, Ron Harvey, John Brinkman, and Mike Harper) participated in the Lewis Little Folks (LLF) Fundraiser July 13, 2018.  LLF is a daycare center for badged civil servant and contract employees located on-site at NASA Glenn Research Center.  LLF was started by a group of NASA Glenn parents who were concerned about obtaining quality daycare for their children.

BQMI is proud to support LLF through its annual Golf Tournament.  LLF is a non-profit entity exclusively organized for educational purposes as set forth in section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue code.  All funds raised at this year’s golf outing will be used for the purchase of multicultural books and toys, classroom furniture, and mulch and sand for the playground.

Update June 16, 2018

Update June 16, 2018 150 150 bqmiadmin

Thank you to all of the BQMI team members for attending the picnic at GRC on June 15, 2018. Perfect weather, BBQ, water balloons and a giant beach ball combined with Magic Mike’s “Magic Show” made for a relaxing and fun evening. AND Magic Mike’s balloon creations were a big hit with children of all ages!  Creating memories with our Team reminds us of how fortunate we are to work with you!

Update, April 2018

Update, April 2018 150 150 bqmiadmin

Cassandra Barnes BQMI eemployee in a shuttle mock upBQMI supported the NASA Institutional Health and Safety Management Working Group Face to Face Meeting at Johnson Space Center this week.  BQMI employees from four states attended the three-day meeting.  JSC did an outstanding job hosting the event and even gave the group a tour of several facilities at JSC.

Here is a picture of Cassie Barnes (BQMI) in a space shuttle trainer cockpit.  This trainer was built to mirror the exact shuttle environment and was used to prepare astronauts for flight.  The best part was that Rex Walheim, an astronaut who flew to space 3 times, was in the cockpit with us to show us how it was done.

The Face to Face meeting featured personnel from all NASA locations, who updated the group on current activities and issues.  NASA takes these issues very seriously and continuously improves their robust safety program.  The event was led by Gerry Schumann (NASA) who drives continuous improvement in safety across the Agency.

Update, August 25, 2017

Update, August 25, 2017 150 150 bqmiadmin

Wonderful supervisor training at our office in the Reserves Network building in Cleveland, Ohio. We are always looking for ways to improve and work on our efficiency. This training session was a great step in the right direction and we enjoyed spending the day with our team. 

BQMI Office in Cleveland, OH

Update, October 27, 2017

Update, October 27, 2017 150 150 bqmiadmin

Attended our Project Management training today in Cleveland, Ohio. Thank you to all who participated! We are all very proud of our BQMI family and the growth we sustained this year.

Update, August 21, 2017

Update, August 21, 2017 150 150 bqmiadmin

Happy Solar Eclipse! I hope that everyone had the opportunity to see the eclipse for themselves and had the proper glasses to protect their eyes. Team BQMI was all over the country today but here in Ellicott City, Maryland we were able to see a beautiful partial eclipse.

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