Information Technology


BQMI personnel support the Program Protection Office, within the Office of the Chief Information Officer at NASA Glenn Research Center. BQMI’s areas of support include providing expertise to the Office and to the Center regarding application of the Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMA). While all government systems must be covered by an IT Security Plan, it is not always apparent whether the Plan is appropriate or what might be the best way to approach compliance. BQMI personnel provide the expertise to help make those determinations in a secure but cost-effective manner.

Application development

BQMI provides support of all aspects of application development, including management of knowledge and information management systems, Web application development, mobile application development, desktop application development, scientific application development, database system administration, Web server system administration, application development tool system administration, and content management support on the NASA public portal. We maintain a wide variety of legacy programs that were developed in several coding languages. We are driving new development toward modern technologies and are using agile tools and methodologies. We use Jira for planning, scheduling, assigning responsibilities and tracking. BQMI provides data visualization support and development, visualization facility support, interactive visual simulations, 3D model creation, Big Data analysis consulting and development, algorithm development, and scientific and visualization application development and tool support for technical computing including high performance computing. 

Website development and maintenance

BQMI supports websites and web environments. We utilize the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) and support legacy infrastructure and websites that are built in any web development language. We ensure web pages are compliant with Federal and Agency Internet policies. BQMI provides services for electronic creation and manipulation of graphics products that support web application and mobile application development. We provide services and support including procurement assistance, installation, repair, upgrades, customer support, preventive maintenance, and user account management for applications. 

Data administration

BQMI provides NASA GRC Database Administration (DBA) for supported applications and database environments. This includes product level software installation and configuration, user identification management, release testing and verification, problem resolution, tuning, upgrading, patching, and startup and shutdown of the databases and backups. Support for planning and integration of activities with other contractors may be required. Examples of databases to be managed include Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and MySQL.


BQMI provides support in the areas of Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliant security planning, incident response, operation and maintenance of network security environments, information protection, reporting, and cybersecurity training. We support the development of requirements for cybersecurity solutions and provide technical expertise at both formal and ad hoc meetings, forums, and working groups. 

Data center management

BQMI provides centralized hosting services focused on providing a modern, reliable, and cost-effective infrastructure for GRC applications and information repositories. We support the development of the future hosting services environments to include cloud and virtualization capabilities based on industry standards that offer consolidation, elasticity, provisioning, and transparent migration of applications or other hosted offerings between servers regardless of location, replication, and high availability configurations. We develop processes for incident management to include communication with stakeholders throughout the life cycle of incidents. 

Highly specialized IT communications

BQMI provides architecture development, analysis, design, and engineering to meet a wide variety of communications requirements for cybersecurity and networking. We support hardware development activities in communications test beds. We support the implementation and maintenance of software, provide analysis of communication metrics, develop tools, and analyze and develop security mechanisms and protocols. 

High performance computing

BQMI’s High Performance Computing capabilities include managing a high-performance Linux Cluster, supporting high performance interconnect network, Linux system administration, installation of scientific applications, support developers of high-performance applications, investigation of alternative high performance computing solutions such as cloud computing. 

Test facility support

BQMI provides Information Technology (IT) and electronic support for experimental test facilities in support of its data systems, control systems, and instrumentation systems. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to installation, maintenance, proactive system and component sparing/obsolescence planning, repair, calibration, operation, logistics, procurement (including maintaining vendor relationships), cybersecurity, specialized administration, network engineering, fiberoptic or copper media installation and repair, and development of test facility and/or experiment related IT systems and/or services. 

End user support services

BQMI personnel provide end user support and customer assistance in all matters pertaining to infrastructure services by providing general support and assistance to the Glenn community, answering questions, resolving problems, helping the customer with issues and problems, and providing assistance with special projects or initiatives. We provide user assistance in accessing IT hardware, software and support. Examples of end user support include supporting both agency and center collaborative environments with tools and systems; providing Help Desk services to the Agency, assisting with user setup, database questions, system access, user privileges and myriad other concerns; providing messaging and directory support; providing services management, system administration and end user support to the Agency Mailing List Service (AMLS). BQMI also operates a GRC User Assistance Team (UAT) based on industry best practices (e.g., those established by the Service and Support Professional Association) that provides users access to information about and assistance with OCIO products and services. BQMI UAT personnel are apprised of information provided through a recognized Help Desk/Technical Support Professional association. 

Information Management

Information Management services BQMI provides to NASA GRC include data governance, taxonomy discovery and formulation, records management and electronic records management., knowledge management, knowledge tool support, document and data scanning, scientific and technical publishing support. We also provide multimedia repository management. BQMI provides support for establishing, deploying, maintaining and continuously improving an evolving set of interoperable code and data utilities and services, ranging from simple translators through complex large-data set analysis and version control.

IT management and governance

BQMI provides full life cycle support in the delivery of IT products and services. BQMI assists GRC in the development, automation, and adoption of IT Service Management processes including Service Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management, Configuration Management, Risk Management, and Issue Management. BQMI implements the IT Policy and Procedures process as described by the OCIO Integration Office. This involves reviewing new or revised Headquarters’ policy, OMB policy, other policies as appropriate, and Agency and Center procedures. BQMI provides support for IT Asset and Configuration management tools across the GRC. BQMI supports GRC with its Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) process, Exhibit 300 Support and IT Capital Investment Review and the ITCIR IT investment data collection activities. 

Configuration management

BQMI performs service asset and configuration management (SACM) functions for GRC PACE-managed environments. BQMI creates new and maintains existing system architecture and as-built drawings for all PACE-managed environments in conformance with GRC drawing standards. BQMI uses an online Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to identify, maintain, track, and report all PACE-managed configuration items (CIs). 

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