Curriculum development and instructional design

BQMI’s instructional designers, interactive multimedia designers and course programmers create, maintain and publish web-based e-learning, virtual, and live instructor-led courses. We apply industry frameworks and best practices including the ADDIE model to analyze, design, develop, implement, and evaluate training and learning content specific to the NASA SMA technical disciplines. Our Instructional Designers perform needs assessment, establish learning objectives, develop and organize course content and flow. BQMI supports the development of curriculum and content for NSC Programs that bring together NASA SMA professionals and executives across the Agency including the STEP Cohort Program, the Chief Safety Officer Summit, and the Executive Safety Leadership Program.

Course development

The BQMI team brings a diverse and broad-based group of professionals with experience writing, producing, designing interactive content, creating illustrations, video capture and editing, and course programming to build interactive e-learning training courses that engage learners. We create content to provide accessible user experiences through closed-captions, text-based equivalents study guides and other techniques to comply with the 508 compliance mandates.

BQMI’s application administrators manage, assign, and update course curriculum through NASA’s System for Administration, Training, and Educational Resources for NASA (SATERN). Curriculum is assigned to learners across the Agency, certifications granted, equivalence training and item completion credits are assigned as each learner progresses through the STEP curriculum levels.  We prepare certification packages for peer reviews and develop reports and analyze learner data to provide leading indicators and trends in learner adoption and progress through the 4 level STEP curriculum.

We also provide support to maintain and update the SMA Course catalog that includes over 250 courses with a re-validation process. We review course survey feedback, evaluate content updates requirements and perform technical checks on the course to ensure the content links are updated.

Superior customer service and quality innovation

BQMI provides managerial and technical services to our customers.