Update 10/01/19

BQMI is proud to announce that as of September 27, 2019 the Government Solutions Group passed the appraisal for CMMI Developer Maturity Level 3 and the company has an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. GMS Registrar Ltd. a Cleveland, OH area company preformed the appraisals working with the BQMI Government Solutions Group and Corporate Quality Management Team. The BQMI Team led by Joe H. set quality goals and succeeded in getting BQMI ready for the rigorous audits and appraisal process. 

The entire team of Joe H., Gail H., Ron C., Cynthia C., Diane C., Mike H., Jacyln H., Matt P., Tracy W., and Michelle Z were recognized with Contract Performance Awards presented by BQMI President and CEO Ms. Pura Stalnaker. “Our team worked hard to make sure that BQMI was ready for these appraisal evaluations, we are lucky to have such dedicated professionals committed to quality and BQMI success,” said Ms. Stalnaker.

Pura Stalnaker also awarded Spot Awards to the BQMI team of Jim M., Gary N. and Fay W. that created the new BQMI website. Pura Stalnaker said, “I am very happy with the look and feel of our new website and proud of how this small team worked together.”

BQMI recognized the Accounting Department for their incredible efforts to implement the recent conversion of the accounting system. Gail H., Vice President Corporate Administration and Fay W. were given Spot Awards for their work to convert to the new system. Ms. Stalnaker said, “accounting is not glamorous or exciting but it is essential to our company health to have better access to our data and reporting. I really appreciate Gail and Fay’s dedication to BQMI.”

Jennifer P., along with other team members received the Glenn Research Center Silver Achievement Medal – Group for excellent support of the PIV Smart Card implementation. Jennifer is a key member of the Glenn User Assistance Team (UAT).  Jackie H. was recognized with an agency-wide award for her contribution to the PIV Smart Card implementation.

Jackie H. was recognized for her contribution to her group's (Glenn User Assistance Team (UAT)) winning of an agency wide award.