Team BQMI Holiday Gatherings

Person bowling at Team BQMI Holiday Gathering

BQMI celebrated the 2019 Holiday Season by holding several Employee Appreciation Events.  44 guests attended the Team BQMI Holiday Gathering in Avon, Ohio on January 18, 2020 at Main Event.  The DC area and Houston area corporate employees also gathered for separate holiday dinners.   

At each of these events CEO Pura Stalnaker made it clear how much she values every employee’s contributions to Banner Quality Management Inc.  Pura said, “we are fortunate to have so many loyal and hardworking employees, holding these holiday gatherings gives us a chance to tell them in person.”   

BQMI is also grateful for the contributions to Team BQMI by our partners V2 Technologies, DB Consulting and Peerless Technologies.  These companies and their employees helped bring success to Team BQMI this past year.