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Update 8/19/2019

Recently, many BQMI employees were recognized for their various contributions to NASA Safety Center course management success.

Cassie B., Matt P., and Ryan S. all received Customer Satisfaction Awards for their work on the Columbia Room documentary video.  This team earned this recognition for developing the story based on 8 interviews, producing, capturing and delivering nearly 90 minutes of content, and standing up a microsite with a new video background feature.

Erin D. received a Customer Satisfaction Award for overcoming challenges during the Quality Management Methods at European Space Agency and NASA: Difference, Similarities and Lessons Learned event and the STEP Cohort Virtual Session where an Internet outage occurred.

Claudia H. was recognized with a Customer Satisfaction Award and a Peer to Peer Shout Out for her work resulting in a quick turnaround of the coordination and incorporation of final changes for the ESLP print book.

Ellen M. was awarded a Customer Satisfaction Award for her role in capturing interviews for the Risk Leadership Course, developing content, and interfacing with NASA Senior Leaders. She also filled in at the last minute when another person on the team became ill the night before a trip to NASA HQ to interview Senior NASA Leaders.

Several BQMI employees were recognized for their work converting over 260 Adobe Flash based courses to the more modern HTML5.0 platform. The team of 4 included project lead and course programmer/developer Scott R., with significant contributions from Gary N., and Jim M that made this monumental task possible. Scott led the way with innovations that moved the project forward. Jim and Gary made crucial contributions to help get all of the courses converted to the new platform.

Another awardee Kevin B. received a Customer Satisfaction Award for his leadership and team building skills. Kevin is an exemplary servant leader who always goes the extra mile to make sure that everyone on his team is successful while making his own meaningful contributions to NSC projects.

BQMI is proud to recognize the accomplishments of these employees and looks forward to celebrate even more of their successes in the future.

BQMI employees recognized
BQMI employees recognized
BQMI employees recognized
BQMI employees recognized