Update July 13, 2018

Update July 13, 2018

Update July 13, 2018 150 150 bqmiadmin
BQMI employees Ron Harvey, John Brinkman, Mike Harper played golf in the Lewis Little Folks charity event on July 13, 2018

Mike Harper, Ron Harvey and John Brinkman

BQMI sponsored and employees participate in Lewis Lttle Folk School Fundraiser.

Joe Homan, Ron Harvey and John Brinkman

Members of the BQMI Team (Joe Homan, Ron Harvey, John Brinkman, and Mike Harper) participated in the Lewis Little Folks (LLF) Fundraiser July 13, 2018.  LLF is a daycare center for badged civil servant and contract employees located on-site at NASA Glenn Research Center.  LLF was started by a group of NASA Glenn parents who were concerned about obtaining quality daycare for their children.

BQMI is proud to support LLF through its annual Golf Tournament.  LLF is a non-profit entity exclusively organized for educational purposes as set forth in section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue code.  All funds raised at this year’s golf outing will be used for the purchase of multicultural books and toys, classroom furniture, and mulch and sand for the playground.

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