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Update, April 2018

Cassandra Barnes BQMI eemployee in a shuttle mock up

BQMI supported the NASA Institutional Health and Safety Management Working Group Face to Face Meeting at Johnson Space Center this week. BQMI employees from four states attended the three-day meeting. JSC did an outstanding job hosting the event and even gave the group a tour of several facilities at JSC.

Here is a picture of Cassie Barnes (BQMI) in a space shuttle trainer cockpit. This trainer was built to mirror the exact shuttle environment and was used to prepare astronauts for flight. The best part was that Rex Walheim, an astronaut who flew to space 3 times, was in the cockpit with us to show us how it was done.

The Face to Face meeting featured personnel from all NASA locations, who updated the group on current activities and issues. NASA takes these issues very seriously and continuously improves their robust safety program. The event was led by Gerry Schumann (NASA) who drives continuous improvement in safety across the Agency.